Energy Solutions and Capabilities

Through our consortium of Energy Partners, REISA offers comprehensive solutions to meet our client’s every energy need.
We are accomplished in Europe, Africa and Asia. Our clients include both government and private sectors.

Our focus:

Work with the client to fully determine the scope of work
• Front end design optimization
• Utilization of our Energy consortium for project execution.
• Project Management from start to finish

Our Energy consortium encompasses broad ranging
capabilities and past performance in all sectors of alternative energy


Offering a complete range of solutions in the field of production
from renewable sources.
Serving as the Technological Advisor to Groups and Companies
building energy production plants
from renewable sources.

Working in design, construction, and management of solar farms,
(medium and large), wind farms, plant waste treatment with energy
production, design and construction of alternative fuel
networks (LNG -­ CNG – GPL)

Past Performance
Marscicana Solar Facility Ground photovoltaic with fixed structures.
This plant supplies power to the families Collarmele, Italy.
Power: 993.6 KWp
Status: Running since 2011
Customer: Think Eco Srl

Past Performance
Biogas from dedicated crops
and agricultural by-­products.
Located in Fucino, Italy.
Collects and uses dedicated
biomasses and agricultural
by-­products widely available
in the area.
Power: 990 kWp
Customer: Think Eco

Since 1978, manufacturing and distribution of solar systems.
• Products include exclusive
newly patented panels.

Specializing in:
• Photovoltaic Module
• Optimizer
• Inverters
• Off Grid Systems
– Stand alone independent installations providing electric power to
isolated utilities when no other energy sources are available.
• Solar Thermal Collectors

Past Performance Examples Photovoltaic Solar System Solar 5 Mwp – Modena
Photovoltaic Solar System Solar – Malta

Since 1978, designing and manufacturing a complete range of products for
Automation and Power Electronics with applications in photovoltaic, wind
energy, hydro power, smart grids, off grid, system back up and more.

Approved “Research Laboratory” by the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research with more than 3,000 plants in operation around the world.

Past Performance:
Designed and supplied the inverters for the largest PV plant in South Africa. With a total peak power installed of 94,5 MW.

Past Performance:
Back-­‐up system for the country
of Eritrea with photovoltaic
energy integration of 260 kw.

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