Since 2001, REISA’s exclusive light gauge steel framing has been a proven
solution for constructing Habitat for Humanity homes. Pat Filippone, a Habitat for Humanity contractor in Osceola County, Florida says: “REISA Corp is an ideal solution for the homes we build because we work with unskilled volunteers. Not only can the volunteers quickly learn REISA’s system, but the framing assembles very rapidly.”

With REISA’s light gauge steel framing arriving to the job site pre-cut from the factory, unskilled volunteers easily assemble the framing by following instructions and aligning the framing hole pattern. With REISA Corp, there is no measuring, hammering, sawing or job site modifications needed. The only tool needed for assembly is a screw gun. The framing always assembles squared.

Why Habitat for Humanity
Utilizes REISA Corp

REISA Steel framing can be engineered to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph/240kph; and earthquakes 10+ on the Richter Scale. The framing
is low maintenance allowing no termites, rot, mold, mildew, moisture
absorption, splitting, rust or combustion.
Ease and Speed of

Workers easily assemble the frame by aligning the hole pattern. The only tool needed for assembly is a screw gun. There’s no measuring, cutting or onsite modification.
Flexibility and

REISA’s framing accommodates most any design and supports all traditional
roof types and wall finishes.
With the framing cut at the factory, there are no on site modifications, hammering or sawing. The galvanized steel is easy to lift, cool to the touch
and has less need for scaffolding or heavy equipment.
Optimized Logistics
The framing nestles together to maximize shipping space, additionally; it is much lighter than conventional materials such as wood and block.
REISA’s light gauge steel is 100% recyclable steel material and combines well with “green” finishing materials.
Because the steel is pre-cut at the factory, onsite waste is mitigated.
Quality Control
The framing is engineered to provide dimensional quality control and the REISA system always assembles squared.
Tested and Proven
In laboratory testing at the The Catholic University of Peru, REISA Steel’s
technology was able to withstand a 10+ on the Richter Scale. An executive summary for testing performed by Purdue University for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, says REISA Steel’s technology is “A superior method of construction” and states that “The versatility of the system meets 100% of the design criteria used by the U.S. Government such as houses, barracks, hospitals, schools, warehouses, offices and other support facility.

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