REISA Corporation, was recently contracted to supply its light gauge steel for the framing of a Sports Complex in Guinea’s capital city of Conakry. The framing, which used 90,000 lbs. of steel, is believed to be one of the first light gauge steel buildings in Conakry. With REISA ease and speed of assembly, a team of fifteen men, with no experience in steel construction was able to complete the multi-story framing in a staggering 3 weeks.

Pietro Antonini REISA’s Africa operations manager director says it was “easily the most complex structure designed using our steel to date. The ease of constructability of the REISA system clearly shown through on this project.  The fifteen man crew on this project was able to pre-assemble all major components of the building and erect the structure in a small amount of time with only a single week of training, most of them having never seen metal studs or screw guns.”

With the interest generated in Conakry from the construction site, REISA has established a local office to coordinate in country development and management for future contracts in the region.


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