REISA has the technology, engineering and construction knowledge to build homes that make an economic and eco-conscious impact on lives and communities. Working with local organizations and governments to understand the needs, REISA is able to develop a scope of work and engineer “right fit” housing solutions.

Socio-economic development

REISA is able to train local men and women to build homes using REISA’s faster and easier construction assembly compared with ordinary materials and methods. Additionally, where possible REISA establishes relationships with local vendors for materials sourcing and can localize materials manufacturing as needed.

Materials and Sustainability

REISA’s homes are engineered as eco-conscious. They utilize recyclable and eco-friendly materials that can be integrated with renewable and efficient energy. At the heart of REISA’s housing solution is REISA Steel. REISA Steel is the only customer tailored (not prefabricated) light gauge steel of its kind. Our proprietary technology, machinery and steel assembly offers staggering advantages in construction speed, strength, versatility and overall efficiency. Clients of REISA Steel enjoy true fast-track construction and operational resiliency with buildings that can be engineered to withstand extreme wind and seismic conditions. Click here for more information regarding the advantages of REISA Steel.


Rising to any challenges such as materials sourcing, logistics, terrain, climate, rapid staffing, language and culture that might accompany such projects, REISA provides steady and skilled project oversight.

REISA provides in-country project management, keeping its clients updated as to the progress and schedule. Additionally, REISA’s onsite superintendents provide training and oversight to the local labor force construction teams.

Multi-resident employee housing

Aside from single-family homes, REISA can provide employee housing. These kinds of dwellings are often needed for labor intense jobsites. Whatever the situation, REISA offers solutions for both long and short-term employee needs. REISA is able to engineer housing communities such as this, which incorporate water recovery and recycling systems.